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Dr. Joseffer explains recent brain tumor diagnosis of Sen. John McCain


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What Are My Chances of Surviving Brain Cancer?

Joseffer Scrubs SmallSeth Joseffer MD, FACS

The big question for any patient diagnosed with brain cancer is basic: "What are my chances?"

In this video Dr Joseffer discusses the question frankly and realistically.


The results of treatment for each person are different. The type of tumor and its location play the greatest role in whether treatment will be successful. Tests, such as MRI, will usually give us a reasonable idea about what type of tumor we are dealing with, but we usually don’t know for certain until either all or part of the tumor has been removed and sent to the pathology lab for evaluation. As we get more information from the tests and biopsies, we are able to provide more information about how well each specific tumor will respond to treatment. There is hope for people with brain tumors.

Doctors and scientists are continually developing new treatments. These treatments will continue to improve our success in treating patients with brain tumors. New types of treatment, such as the vaccine trial conducted at Duke are showing new promise for treatment of even the most aggressive tumors. Rest assured, you are not in this alone. Your team consists of your surgeon, oncologist, radiation doctor and your primary care physician. This medical team, combined with your family and friends, will be with you every step of the way.

Senator John McCain's Brain Cancer: Glioblastoma

Dr Seth Joseffer Video Brain Surgery Brain Tumor

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