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What Is A Brain Tumor?

Joseffer Scrubs SmallSeth Joseffer MD, FACS

Primary brain tumors can be either malignant (contain cancer cells) or benign (do not contain cancer cells). A primary brain tumor is a tumor which begins in the brain. If a cancerous tumor which starts elsewhere in the body sends cells which end up growing in the brain, such tumors are then called secondary or metastatic brain tumors.

Dr. Joseffer explains:

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells. The brain, like all of the other parts of the body, is composed of an enormous number of very small cells. Cell division, growth and destruction are tightly controlled by the DNA code within the cell. The body normally controls the rate at which these cells are created and destroyed. Sometimes, due to a defect in the DNA code, the cells start to grow more rapidly and form a separate mass inside the head. There are many different types of brain tumors and they are generally classified based on the type of tissue in which they started.

Dr Seth Joseffer Brain Surgery Brain Tumor

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