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WBCB - Eagles Football Report with Merrill Reese Interview (Oct. 2, 2008)

St Mary Reese Football Report

Shah Scrubs SmallBy Nirav K. Shah, MD, FACS

It's no secret to my family, my patients, or fellow Eagles fans, that I'm a huge football fan. I'm also a neurosurgeon with a special interest in concussions and football injuries. That's why I'm pleased to be a regular guest on WCBB's Pro Football Report with Merrill Reese.

It provides an opportunity to reach a large audience of Eagles fans like me and give medical insights into what football injury reports actually mean as well as to discuss high school sports.

Dr. Shah was interviewed on the Pro Football Review. This was Dr. Shah's first interview on this popular radio program.

Dr Shah WBCB Photo1 Dr Shah On Air

Eagles Football Report with Dr. Nirav Shah

Merrill Reese - Here at the pro football report presented by Saint Mary's Medical Center, we are fortunate to have Dr. Shah with us tonight. It is appropriate to have the Dr. here with us tonight, because one of the most baffling injuries affecting the eagles right now, is the injury to Sean Andrews and all pro guard, and he has yet to dress, or even appear at a game. The original diagnosis we had was a back spasm, and now it is described as a back injury, and he has been sent to visit a back specialist. Dr. Shah what exactly is a back spasm and what should fans expect?

Dr. Shah- a back spasm is really an actual response that the body has to a sports injury. It's a tightening of the muscles that is part of the body's response to the injury. It's a tightness similar to the tightening of of violins string, and that tightening causes an immense amount of pain that is often debilitating to the point that people are on bed rest.

Merrill Reese - it's only been a couple of years in which the term sports hernia has established itself. In past years you heard about tears and sprains. It would be interesting to know why we now refer to these as hernias. Is it simply that it took place during a sport, or is it more than that?

Dr. Shah- well it's really a situation where the constant pounding and activity over in the muscle results in the muscle becoming the loose and this results in an immense amount of pain. That is due to the amount of movement and the force exerted on the body by sports. So yes, we do call it a sports hernia because it's been caused by sports but there are certainly other kinds of hernias that are run of the mill hernias that all of us may experience in our lives.

I think that a lot of this has to do with technology. Physicians are a lot more aggressive about diagnosing these kinds of injuries. Another factor is also the players. The players are much stronger than they were at previous times, and the result is that they hit harder, more acrobatic, and with better technology, word spreads about the best ways to treat these injuries.

Merrill Reese - Dr. Shah is with Princeton brain and spine care, one of our sponsors, and he is an expert in spine and neck injuries. Dr. Shah what can we do to strengthen our back against injury?

Dr. Shah - what is important is to understand what it means to strengthen the back. Strengthening the back really means strengthening the core muscles in the back and in your abdomen. Strengthening the core muscles really means strengthening all the muscles of your midsection whether on the back or on the front of your body.

You should spend as much time exercising and strengthening those muscles as you do stretching those muscles.

Merrill Reese - Dr. Shah have you heard any inside knowledge or any information about what Sean Andrews injury might be?

Dr. Shah - No. I have not heard anything additional about his injury. But you are right, initially we heard it was a back spasm. It may B that it's a muscle strain, which is a stretching of the muscles, or a sprain which is actually a detachment of the ligaments that connect the bones one to another. Those are injuries that tend to resolve. I'm afraid that his injury has not resolved and he has gone to see a specialist. The question of course is, " when do you need to see a specialist".

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