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Spinal Cord Stimulation

Shah Scrubs SmallNirav Shah MD, FACS

Top neurosurgeon Dr. Nirav Shah discusses the potential benefits of spinal cord stimulation as well as the way the technique actually works.


Patients often ask me, “I’ve have spinal surgery” and “I’ve had spinal fusion and I’m still having significant discomfort. What are my options?”

One option is surgical pain management and that would include spinal cord stimulation. Sometimes conventional surgery fails, despite our best efforts and best radiographic outcomes, you still have back pain. This is called failed back syndrome. After conservative therapies have failed including physical therapy and medical management, an option would include spinal cord stimulation. An electrode is placed on the spinal cord to block the pain and thus reduce medical dependence. First a trial is done by a pain management physician and if positive, a neurosurgeon will implant it.

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