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What is Spinal Fusion?: Video

Joseffer Scrubs SmallSeth Joseffer MD, FACS

The basic concepts of spinal fusion often seem confusing to patients. In this video Dr. Joseffer explains the procedure in simple layman's terms.


Spinal fusion is the joining, or fusing together, of two or more vertebral bodies. The spine is a stack of bones, called vertebral bodies. These bones are connected by discs and joints that allow the spine to move as well as to maintain its stability. When there is a problem with the discs or joints, it can be necessary to fuse the two adjacent bones together so that they function as one single bone. Bone graft is traditionally used to facilitate fusion. This involves taking small amounts of bone from the patient’s pelvis or using bone from a donor. The bone graft is then packed between the vertebrae so that it grows between the bones, causing them to function as a single bone.

Specially designed implants including cages, rods, hooks and screws are also often used in a fusion surgery. The implants are used to ensure correct alignment between the vertebrae and to hold them rigidly in place, which helps the fusion to occur.

Dr Seth Joseffer Video Spinal Treatments

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