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Marian's Story - Life Saving Surgery by Dr. Shah

Tell Us Your Story - PAtients

In this interview, one of our patients describes subdural hematoma treatment by Dr. Shah.

Dale: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, Marian?

Marian: Okay, I live in lower Mayfield Township in Pennsylvania, Bucks County. I have four children, twelve grandchildren, four great-grandchildren. I’m an old lady. [laughs]

Marians Story Quote Dale: And what brought you to Princeton Brain and Spine Care?

Marian: I went down a sliding board at my township pool, and everybody would lie down to do it. And after I did it, I bumped my head and it didn’t feel right. And so I said, “Well I just won’t go down again.” A couple weeks later I was driving in the neighborhood and my son said, “What do you think you’re in England?” because I was driving a little too far to the left side of the road. A few days later I’m walking to my mailbox and I realize I had difficulty going in a straight line. So my children said, “Well you’d better go to the doctor.” When I went to my primary doctor and told him my story, he said, “Well you’d better get to the hospital and have an MRI,” which I did. My daughter-in-law took me to the hospital.

Dale: And what were the results of your MRI?

Marian: We came to find out that I had a subdural hematoma. And this was kind of - it was all inside my skull. Anyhow, it was pushing the brain, which caused problems with my equilibrium and so forth. He held up a picture of the MRI and I saw this dark discoloration all around the inside of the circumference of my skull. It looked to be an inch or two, I don’t know.

Dale: So what sort of treatment plan did they put forth to you? Was it something that could be treated with medication, did you need surgery, and how urgent was this issue?

Marian: The decision was that I needed an operation immediately. Doctor Shah from Princeton Brain and Spine happened to be there on call and he was going to do the operation. My daughter said how considerate and nice he was. After the operation he came out and told them what took place, what he did and so forth. And by this time it was after midnight.

He even gave my daughter his cellphone number so that they could call during the night if they had any questions or anything transpired. But all went well and we never had to bother him.

Marian M Shah Story
Dr. Shah with Marian M

Dale: What was it like being treated by Dr. Shah?

Marian: Doctor Shah I would recommend to anybody. He is so compassionate and considerate and, I feel, very talented.

Dale: And after the operation, did you have any other interactions with Dr. Shah?

Marian: About two years after the operation I had seen Doctor Shah’s picture on the cover of a magazine and I thought that well, I’d stop in and see him. Well he was busy with patients when I first got there and I told the receptionist that was fine, I would wait and I was in no hurry. He gave me the biggest reception! He said, “You made my day!” And my comment to him was, “Well you saved my life!”

Dr Nirav Shah

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